Hello all,

It’s been almost three years since my last write-up here. I’ve always had the intention of returning here to write more, however, I have usually just done this using my Notion page, so I am excited about writing here again.

The purpose of this write-up is to talk about a 24-week adventure of mine. Before the start of this adventure, I knew only very little about what was involved. In the last 24 weeks, I have gone from having an itch to try out a certain stock trading algorithm to running trading experiments using paper trading functionality on trading platforms and backtesting using a framework such as Python’s Backtrader.

To clarify, I have not gone ahead to do any live trading with my learnings YET. Also, I only spent about 10 to 15 hours each week on this adventure, not 40+ hours as I’d have really loved. Hence, progress was slow but fun.

Just before I got started, I was at least hoping to understand the lay of the land when it comes to stock trading. So I set out to learn about capital management, risk management, portfolio diversification, various algorithms, indicators, the infrastructure needed, the gotchas, and so on and so forth.

In the next two weeks, I intend to write about some of the knowledge I gained through books and courses, as well as those gained through experience.

Do note that all of my learnings were done from a point of curiosity, not necessarily with the goal of making lots of money from trading; I’m not going to lie though, that would be a great addon. After writing these articles, I intend to pause on this adventure and try out other ideas. I do consider trying to win in the stock market to be “play”, and I intend to pick up from where I stopped and continue playing in the future.

Here are the things I hope to write about in the coming weeks, if chanced:

See you all in those articles 👋🏾.


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